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Calgary Jung Society

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About Us

The Calgary Jung Society is a registered non-profit educational community of men and women who come together for discovery of Self and the society in which we live. The Society has been active in Calgary since 1991. We host Friday evening lectures and Saturday workshops throughout the year, and an Annual General Meeting (usually in January).

The Society offers:

  • Regularly scheduled lectures featuring speakers of national and international prominence
  • Experiential workshops
  • Opportunities for stimulating discussion
  • Access to a library of Jung-related works
  • The Foundation Series of core concept seminars

Our Vision:

A dynamic community engaged in the discovery of Self and the world in which we live, in the spirit of the life and work of Carl Jung.

Our mission:

To nurture and support greater self awareness, creative expression, psychological insight, and well-being by:

  • Engaging in relationships and dialogue with individuals , scholars, communities and professionals locally and worldwide
  • Providing educational programs that support the study of Self and transformation, and explore the relevance of analytical depth psychology to societal, cultural and global issues
  • Providing continuing education that may qualify for professional accreditation with professional organizations
  • Offering members access to a resource library and informational links to other Jungian websites and groups

Our values:

Our actions demonstrate that we value:

  • Knowledge and learning through exploration, discovery and seeking meaning in our lives
  • Awareness as a path to integration
  • Connections to community
  • Dynamic and conscious transformation at individual and collective levels
  • Clarity and understanding of Jungian concepts to help us be more conscious of what we are experiencing
  • Accessibility to individuals committed to the work of Self
  • Jung’s theory and the evolving perspectives of those engaged in studying it, writing and speaking about it, and practicing it

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