Volunteer Opportunities

Events at the Calgary Jung Society are completely dependent on volunteer efforts.  We need to augment our already great, but small group of volunteers. We typically have a lot of support at the end of events and are looking for help in setting up lectures and writers for the blog.

Friday Evening Lecture Set-Up

Friday lecture set-up includes arriving at 6:30 pm to help:

  • Set-up the venue,
  • Prepare the coffee/tea/ snack table,
  • Set-up and/or facilitate the Calgary Jung Society library table, or
  • Facilitate technology required for lectures

You will have an opportunity to meet other dedicated volunteers with the Calgary Jung Society and to ensure that events continue to run smoothly for the education and enjoyment of all participants. No experience is necessary since any training or support required is available. 

All individuals are invited to consider this opportunity. To find out which lectures need volunteers, contact info@calgaryjungsociety.org. We are looking for at least 3 volunteers per lecture. 

Invitation to be a Guest Blogger

Would you like to contribute to the Calgary Jung Society in a unique, personal and creative manner?  We are looking for guest bloggers who would like to uncover and share their creativity on the Calgary Jung Society website blog.  This will allow for members to have an active role in supporting the work of the Jung Society to provide education about the work of Carl Jung and its continuing relevance in today’s world. Possible posts could include: 

  • Book reviews 
  • Visual essays
  • Reviews of lectures and/or workshops offered by the Calgary Jung Society
  • Personal reflections on the relevance of Carl Jung in the life of the individual or in society
  • Other.  

If you’d like to write but need help brainstorming a topic
we are happy to help you come up with an idea!

Please email the Calgary Jung Society at info@calgaryjungsociety.org with your ideas and creations to indicate your interest. We are looking for 1 writer per month.

Board of Director Opportunities

Vacancies for the CJS Board of Directors for 2019

We are a vibrant and committed group of volunteers on the Executive who work together to connect you to stories, lectures, workshops, and other events that nurture and support greater self-awareness, creative expression and psychological insight. The following are vacant positions to be filled in the fall 2019. Each portfolio is described in terms of its essential duties but you are welcome to ask for more specific information. Volunteer time is approximate:


Responsible to liaison with the hired bookkeeper and webmaster of all the Society’s monies and its financial statements.
[Volunteer time of 12-14 hours per event].

Marketing Coordinator

Responsible for the Society’s publicity of its events in the printed and other media, notably FaceBook ads. This position works closely with the Communications and a schedule of advertisements will be given to you.[Volunteer time of 3-5 hours per event].

Do any of these positions sound like your cup of tea? Plenty of spots to choose from this fall. If you would like more information or would like to discuss your thoughts on becoming one of the few, the proud, the Executive, please click the button below to go to our contact page, or click the Contact Us link up at the top. We’d love to hear from you! To express interest in one of these opportunities, contact info@calgaryjungsociety.org.

Other Volunteer Opportunities

Additionally, we sometimes need assistance with picking up guest speakers from the airport or delivery to and from our events throughout the weekend.

All members are invited to consider this opportunity. To express interest in this opportunity, contact info@calgaryjungsociety.org.