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All our lectures, workshops,  and discussions can be attended by those with a limited background in Jungian Psychology, and are at the same time of value to those with professional psychological training and interests. Our Friends of Jung events include advanced reading seminars, and dream and fairy tales workshops and more.  The courses are taught by our local analysts.

 Book Club: The Red Book

The Book Club is hosted by Dennis Slattery via Skype, and will meet four times on February 24, March 17, April 7, and April 28.

Registration for the book club includes admission at Dennis Slattery’s Saturday workshop on February 3rd. (Note: If you’d like to attend his Friday night lecture, please register for that separately at regular member and non member prices.)

The Red Book is viewed by many as Carl Jung’s central work. From 1913 to 1916 Jung engaged in a deep inner process; it was an exploration of his unconscious that he later referred to as “my most difficult experiment.” From 1914 to 1917 he reflected his inner images in symbolic paintings which he later gathered together and called Liber Novus (the “New Book). A red, leather bound manuscript, it became commonly known as The Red Book. Released to the public in 2009, it’s one man’s intimate journey with the unconscious, and it’s an excellent resource for those of us who similarly want to undertake a conscious path to understand ourselves more deeply.

We’d like to encourage all our members to read and personally engage with this rich and marvelous book. That is why we’ve chosen The Red Book as our Book Club pick for 2018.

Saturdays, February 24, March 17, April 7, April 28
Parkdale United Church
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