The Archives of the Calgary Jung Society

A vision for the CJS Archive

The Calgary Jung Society has created and accumulated a vast amount of information and documentation since its inception in 1991. The vision for the CJS Archive stipulates what we hope to achieve: the preservation of information to provide efficient administrative, legal, financial, and educational management for the responsible and sustainable functioning of the society in the future. carl We have recently completed an online database containing every Event in the Calgary Jung Society’s history. This has allowed us to unearth some interesting facts. As of December 2014:

  • We will have hosted 286 events, including 139 lectures, 79 workshops, 11 Core Concepts seminars, 3 Three Day Arts Weekends, and one Scavenger Hunt.
  • Calgary’s own Mae Stolte had participated in more events than any other speaker, heading up 32 presentations, so far.
  • The record for Most Events in One Calendar Year goes to 1993, with 18 Society events! (We’ve mellowed out over the years.)

To view the complete list of our past events, all the way back to our first General Membership Meeting (February 21st, 1992!), please click the link below.

Past Event Archives